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Sandra Mestre:

Former UALG student of the Biotechnology course, I didn't finish it for personal reasons, and decided to follow a more naturalist path. I took several courses in the area of ​​health and alternative therapies, the course on Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Phytotherapy, and the course on “Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analysis Technician”.


Due to various health problems and an accident at work, I discovered in oriental medicine and herbal medicine, two great allies in maintaining my quality of life, not only in restoring my health, but also in preventing illnesses, which led to following this path of life.

In addition to being a therapist in different areas and health assistant, in 2020 I started the course in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and I am currently taking a course in Western and Eastern Herbal Medicine.

Telmo Carvalho:

After several years as a sportsman (cycling, martial arts, Tai Chi, Yoga, etc.), and a lot of first-hand experience with injuries, I took professional courses in masseur and sports masseuse in 2008, so I currently have more than 12 years of experience in different therapies and treatments. In 2010 I had Shiatsu training, where I learned about various traditional healing methods and Japanese physiotherapy.

I continued my studies in the area of ​​health and therapies, working as a part-time therapist, in parallel with my professions. For 10 years I worked in private security professions, which led me to take multiple courses in first aid (the “European First Aid Course” being just one of many), and gave me good experience in treating wounds and injuries, such as monitoring professions considered to be of “quick wear”.

I continued to study and take courses in the health area, such as "Chronic Wound Treatment", "Oriental Therapies", "Meditation Instructor", "Yoga Instructor", "Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Assistant Technician", "Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analysis Technician”, etc., and is currently trying to take a course in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Other Therapists:

We sometimes invite other therapists to join us, to bring their forms of therapy and innovative techniques to the S. Natural Therapy Center.


All of them are masters in their fields, individuals with a way of thinking and facing health like us, and with varied years of experience, who can attest to both knowledge and practice.


"Excelente profissional com uma técnica fantástica e milagrosa 😁.
Recomendo vivamente" por Ana Mendes


"Serviço 5 estrelas com a simpatia habitual.
As minhas costas agradecem ao pessoal." por José Carvalho


"Excelentes profissionais e bastante preocupados com os clientes. Pessoas que realmente se preocupam e tratam os clientes." por Tatjana Osório


"As minhas dores de ciática desapareceram, sem injecções após uma sessão.😄" por Patrícia Mestre


"Telmo is one of the best masseur. Very honest guy and very polite and professional. I did massage twice and I feel better. And his team very kind and helpful.. Many thanks guys" por Moda Madi


"Sitio acolhedor, bom atendimento, profissionalismo. Recomendo." por Tiago Brito